Strictly Dentures, Rockford, Illinois...

...was established in 2002 and is not part of a "chain" dental practice. Locally owned, family managed.
...strives to make high quality, custom made dentures at an affordable price.
...does not offer dentures at different levels of quality or price. We do not use pre-formed molds. We only have one premium, high quality, denture.
...uses Fricke Hi Impact acrylic to minimize breakage.
...stands by our work. After the placement of a denture or partial, adjustments are provided free of charge. There are no hidden fees.
...does not pressure patients to get something they do not need or will not better their dental situation.
...has a preview appointment. The patient must approve of the appearance before the denture is processed and finished.
...offers nursing home visits.

•New Dentures
•Replacement Dentures
•Immediate Dentures
•Partial Dentures
AND all things dental.

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    3920 East State St
    Rockford, IL 61108


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